About The Fiducia Commercial Network

The UK's Most Important Network Of Independent Commercial Finance Providers

Fiducia Commercial Network is part of the Fiducia Group, a UK leading provider of financial services for more than 20-years.

The Network was created specifically to allow independent operators provide their existing client base with commercial finance opportunities.

Those operators could include commercial bank managers, residential mortgage brokers, finance brokers, accountants, solicitors, tax advisors, planning professionals or anyone with a requirement for commercial finance.

It allows them provide their clients with a range of finance opportunities including commercial mortgages, business loans, development finance and much more.

Anyone can join Fiducia Commercial Network subject to due diligence, onboard and training in return for a monthly subscription.

Members of Fiducia Commercial Network have access to an extensive range of commercial finance options, allowing them to offer financial solutions to their existing clients.

Fiducia Commercial Network members are supported by our vastly experienced in-house team of professionals providing business support including compliance, finance and admin.

Appointed Representatives operate under Fiducia’s FCA regulatory umbrella and receive regulatory reporting.

Members also receive Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and membership to the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) as part of their monthly subscription.


Fiducia Commercial Network allows independent operators to provide commercial finance options to existing clients under the protection of our FCA regulatory umbrella.

Fiducia Commercial Network is a game changer for independent brokers, the most significant network in the UK and around the world, bringing new investment to the UK. We have no like minded competition.

Marcus Grimshaw CEO & Co-Founder
Leading provider of Financial Services

The Fiducia Group

The Fiducia Group of companies was founded in 2001 by Marcus Grimshaw and Anthony Scott.

The pair are former commercial and private bankers and have gone onto assemble a team boasting more than 15-years of financial expertise and exceptional portfolio management.

Marcus has chairmanship experience of the NACFB with a track record within the RBS Group and has held board positions within the Openwork Partnership.

Anthony has held senior roles at Lloyds TSB and RBS Group.

The Fiducia Group consists of six elements, namely Fiducia Commercial Network, Fiducia Commercial Solutions, Fiducia Financial Planning, Fiducia Mortgage Solutions, Fiducia Sourcing System and Fiducia Business Centres.


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