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Any professional with lead sources from an existing client bank or network is a perfect candidate to join Fiducia Commercial Network.

You maybe already handing over commercial finance leads to a ‘third-party’ broker for a client that, as an AR, you could manage yourself with the support of Fiducia Commercial Network.

The Network allows those professionals to service the commercial finance demands of their clients further strengthening their value to clients whilst receiving transparent reward for their work.

No formal exams or experience is required to become a commercial finance AR.

Prospective members will have to be accepted and a period of onboarding and training will follow, lead by our internal team of specialists.

Once accepted, members will organise their own commercial finance opportunities without needing to employ advisors whilst maximising income opportunities with existing clients.


The Fiducia Commercial Network allows independent operators to provide commercial finance options to their existing client base and network under The Fiducia Network Ltd.'s FCA regulatory umbrella.

Fiducia Commercial Network

Join Fiducia Commercial Network, the fastest growing network of commercial ARs in the UK

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Benefits of Membership to The Fiducia Commercial Network

FCA Authorisation

Members provide commercial finance options under the regulatory umbrella of The Fiducia Network Ltd.’s FCA authorisation.

PI Insurance

Protection against claims for loss or damage made by clients or third parties included - saving members thousands.

NACFB Membership

Membership to the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers is included for members.

No Upfront Fees

Training and onboarding begins the moment ARs are accepted without any fees payable up front.

Training & Set Up Support

Our team begin work the moment your application is received to get you up and running with clients ASAP.

Business Support

Members receive full support from our expert team including Compliance, Business, Admin and Finance Support.

System Support

Membership includes support with a dedicated AR Portal, including sourcing tools, white label documentation and business development collateral.

Lending Panel

Access to our ‘whole of market’ lender panel with direct access to lenders’ BDMs for support with cases.

Our Vision is to be at the forefront of innovation. To disrupt with Sector change, and to create and maintain an environment where best customer outcomes happen every single time.

The Fiducia Commercial Network

Our mission is to evolve, manage and maintain the network of choice for the commercial finance broker with duty of care, best customer outcomes and the needs of the SME at the heart of all they do.

The Fiducia Commercial Network

We will build long-term broker and client relationships in an industry that has, for far too long been just about the transaction.

The Fiducia Commercial Network
Membership Benefits

Commercial Finance Options Available For Fiducia Commercial Network ARs

  1. Commercial Mortgages are used to fund the purchase, or refinance of, commercial and semi-commercial properties – either owner-occupier or investment.

  2. Specialist residential investment mortgages that support individuals, portfolio landlords and limited company structures.

  3. Short-term property finance with faster completion compared to traditional mortgage finance; used across both residential and commercial properties for multiple funding requirements.

  4. Funding development of both residential and commercial properties, with variants including light or heavy refurbishment, conversion and ground up development.

  1. Multiple business loan options for trading businesses, including unsecured or secured, and fixed term or revolving facilities.

  2. Asset Finance gives trading businesses access to the machinery, plant, equipment or vehicles that it needs to operate, without the full initial outlay. It can also release value from assets already owned.

  3. Unlocking cash from outstanding client invoices smooths cash flow for trading businesses and help to address the mismatches in timing between costs and income.

  4. Trade / Supply Chain Finance is a revolving facility with both UK based suppliers and manufacturers as well as overseas – funds from initial order and deposit and helps to manage cash flow over long periods of a company’s trading lifecycle.