AR Online Portal

AR Portal Provides Comprehensive Online Support For Members

Members of The Fiducia Commercial Network are provided with unrivalled support to help them maximise opportunities to provide their clients with commercial finance options.

Aside from support from The Fiducia Commercial Network team, members are provided with access to an online AR Portal.

The AR Portal contains a wealth of information created to support members including compliance, business support and access to information.

This library contains a wealth of information including contacts details, examples of documentation and Application Forms.

The library includes training guides, examples of finance propositions, letters and templates covering every a comprehensive range of potential issues.

The AR Portal also provides Network members with access to our full range of lenders complete with contact details, documentation and other useful information.

Members are also able to download and utilise a range of white label documentation covering a wide range of subjects.

The AR Portal also includes a library of webinars including Fiducia training sessions, lender presentations and other useful information for members.

The AR Portal

The Commercial Network Proposition

The Commercial Network Proposition is a comprehensive support service for Appointed Representatives.

It covers everything a member of the Fiducia Commercial Network needs to know and includes a comprehensive set of documents.

These include training guides covering the Fiducia Commercial Network processes, a full training guide, examples of finance propositions, letters and walk-throughs on Fees and Commissions.

Appointed Representatives are provided with downloadable templates covering enquiries, advertising approval, invoice templates and a complete set white label documents.


The AR Portal provides Appointed Representatives with access to The Fiducia Commercial Network Lender Directory.

The Lender Directory includes full details of each lender with contact details, website links, product guides and application forms.

The Directory is continually updated to ensure members of the Network have the most up-to-date commercial lending directory available.


Members of The Fiducia Commercial Network have access to a huge range of live webinars.

These sessions cover a huge range of topics and are hosted regularly by the Fiducia team and external organisations including lenders and suppliers.

The webinars are recorded and stored in the online AR portal allowing members to watch whenever, wherever they like.

Fiducia Commercial Network is a game changer for independent brokers, the most significant network in the UK and around the world, bringing new investment to the UK. We have no like minded competition.

Marcus Grimshaw CEO & Co-Founder

The Fiducia Commercial Network allows independent operators to provide commercial finance options to existing clients under the protection of our FCA regulatory umbrella.