WORKING with International Lenders

Working With Leading Lenders Around The World

The Fiducia Commercial Network work with hundreds of the world’s leading lenders.

From High Street Banks to Challengers, Product Specialist Lenders to Fintech, our network of Appointed Representatives has access to specialist lenders based in the UK and around the world, ready to meet the requirements of foreign national and expat clients.

The UK is welcoming of foreign investors, there are no restrictions on non- British citizens purchasing property in the UK, with our strong international lender relationships our members have exceptional opportunities for their clients around the world.


Our aim is to broker more than £4.25 Billion in lending over the next three years

Fiducia Commercial Network is a game changer for independent brokers, the most significant network in the UK and around the world, bringing new investment to the UK. We have no like minded competition.

Marcus Grimshaw CEO & Co-Founder
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