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Residential Investment / Buy To Let Mortgages

Members of the Fiducia Commercial Network can provide clients with a range of Residential Investment / Buy To Let options.

Property investment finance refers to the various financing options available to individuals or businesses looking to invest in real estate.

It provides the necessary capital to purchase properties for the purpose of generating income through rental or capital appreciation.

When it comes to specialist Buy-to-Let (BTL) investments, ARs can assist with various types of properties and clients.  Here are the key considerations: 

Eligible Clients: 

  • Individuals: Properties held ina personal name solely for investment purposes are eligible – can include Ex-Pats or Foreign Nationals. 
  • These properties should not have been previously lived in or intended to be lived in by the client or their close family. 
  • Limited Companies: Properties held within a limited company structure known as a “special purpose vehicle” (SPV) can also be financed. 
  • An SPV is a company specifically set up to own, manage, and let out properties. 
  • Portfolio Landlords: Clients who own multiple properties, either in personal names or within limited companies, can also receive funding for their BTL investments – can include Ex-Pats or Foreign Nationals. 
  • Trusts or Self Investment Pension Schemes 

Types of Properties: 

  • Standard BTL: This category includes houses, flats, bungalows, and similar residential properties. 
  • HMO (Home of Multiple Occupancy): These are properties with multiple tenants, typically rented out on a room-by-room basis. 
  • MUFB (Multi Unit Freehold Block): MUFB refers to properties such as blocks of flats or apartment buildings where multiple units are owned within a single freehold. 
  • Holiday Lets: Financing can also be provided for properties intended for short-term holiday rentals. 

 Commercial finance brokers understand that the term “commercial” in this context refers to the investment purpose rather than the property type.

When considering property investment finance, it is important to carefully assess the costs, risks, and potential returns associated with each option. Factors such as interest rates, loan terms, repayment schedules, and eligibility criteria vary depending on the lender and the specific financing option chosen.

When considering Property Investment Finance it is crucial to have a clear investment strategy and conduct thorough due diligence on the property and market conditions before committing to any financing option.

Fiducia Commercial Network ARs will provide clients with valuable guidance and help make informed investment decisions.

In summary, property investment finance provides the necessary capital to invest in real estate for rental income or capital appreciation.

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