Kalon Commercial and Fiducia Commercial Network

Fiducia Commercial Network Announce Kalon Commercial Contract Extension

Fiducia Commercial Network is delighted to announce a two-year contract extension with Kalon Commercial.

The partnership will provide crucial support to the Kalon Group who have significant expansion plans to grow its business in 2024.

Kalon Commercial are commercial finance experts who specialise in supporting management buy-outs, takeovers and acquisitions.

Yogesh Tated CEO of Kalon Financial, said: “We are delighted to extend our contract with Fiducia Commercial Network.

“Our aspirations for the coming year are ambitious. We aim to have a grand year with a robust pipeline and our goal is to achieve significant growth compared to last year’s commissions.

“As a commercial finance broker, we focus on property and non-property finance deals.

Business Finance

“We specialise primarily in providing business finance, encompassing secured and unsecured transactions.

“A significant portion of our work involves deals that require business performance forecasts or are heavily reliant on future cash flow.

“Typical scenarios we handle include management buyouts, takeovers, and acquisitions of businesses/professionals such as dental practices, accounting firms, law firms, supermarkets, and similar ventures.

“Our role involves assessing these deals, assigning a value to them, and ultimately securing funding for the business to facilitate the exit strategy, especially when it involves the sale of shares.

“We also offer our expertise in facilitating various types of financing, including asset-based funding, participation in government schemes such as the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS), startup finance, expansion loans, and more.

Marcus Grimshaw, Fiducia Group CEO
Fiducia Commerical Network CEO Marcus Grimshaw

Property Finance

Kalon Commercial and Kalon Financial are part of The Kalon Group, a business based in the heart of London, working with more than 300 advisers.

The Group provides estate planning, personal financial advice, and commercial finance solutions, including a diverse range of property finance options and business loans through the support of Fiducia Commercial Network.

They have agreed to renew and extend their contact with Fiducia Commercial Network for a further two years as they grow the business.

Kalon Commercial Finance Adviser Dipen Sanghvi, added: “We are delighted to extend the contract to provide a more compelling proposition moving forward, particularly in the realm of cross-border brokerage, and the invaluable support from Managing Director Mark Grant.

Compliance Checks

“Being part of the Network equates to having a strong panel, rigorous compliance checks on cases, and significant deal support, especially from Mark and Business Development Manager Rob Sims.

“It helps us to provide the best advice for our clients whilst securing favourable deals and ensuring realistic timelines.

“A terrific example of how our partnership with Fiducia Commerce Network would be a recent opportunity when I was seeking a lender for a MUFB 2-unit property involving a first-time landlord.

“Struggling with my experience limited to experienced landlords, Rob responded within 24 hours with an appropriate lender, offering a clear explanation. This satisfied the client, and we’ve obtained the DIP. We’re proceeding with the offer next week.

“We have high hopes for next year and knowing that we have the support of the Fiducia Commercial Network team fills us with confidence for 2024.”

UK’s Fastest Growing AR Network

Kalon’s decision to extend offers further evidence of the opportunities for members of Fiducia Commercial Network, the UK’s fastest-growing network of Appointed Representatives.

Marcus Grimshaw CEO of Fiducia Commercial Network believes the contract extension is a significant milestone and further solidifies Kalon’s position as industry leaders, showcasing their exceptional professionalism, remarkable leadership, and commitment to excellence across all financial services disciplines.

He said: “We are thrilled to renew and extend our contract with Kalon Commercial.

“Both our businesses share a common vision of excellence and a commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for clients who so desperately need commercial lending and business finance solutions from all options available, our mantra has been consumer duty of care, best customer outcomes, with a fair transparent compliant customer journey.

“We are excited to continue our partnership and further strengthen our position as leaders in our respective fields.”

Fiducia Commercial Network was created to allow independent firms to provide commercial property finance and trading business finance options to their existing client base and network.

Anyone can join Fiducia Commercial Network, subject to due diligence, onboarding and training. The Network includes former commercial bank managers, residential mortgage brokers, finance brokers, accountants, solicitors, tax advisers and property developers.

It provides opportunities for those professionals to provide a full range of commercial finance solutions by acting as an Appointed Representative (AR) with the full support of the Fiducia Commercial Network team.

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