Matchbox Finance Flourish With Fiducia Commercial Network

Waiting for the phone to ring, or putting yourself out there?

This is definitely not a question of effort for most people – it is about your comfort zone and experience in the world of face to face sales, marketing and events / exhibitions.

Fiducia Commercial Network Managing Director (UK) Mark Grant believes Matchbox Finance – an Appointed Representative on Fiducia Commercial Network – approach is a shining example for others.

He said: “Matchbox Finance have been on a journey of discovery in marketing themselves in commercial finance.

“The team have a background in commercial property as well as residential mortgages and protection gained over 35 years in their East London community.

“But when adding commercial finance to their business offerings they knew that this would mean a different target audience, and a different approach to getting leads and business.

“They talked to their existing client base, and pursued all of their usual in person networking routes, but found that this did not provide the consistency of business enquiries the firm needed.”


Never ones to sit back and ‘wait for the phone to ring’, the father and son team pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and invested in a show stand and marketing stand and started to attend local community events to promote their commercial finance proposition.

“As they grew in confidence so did the ambition they had in the shows that they attended,” Mark added.

“Fast forward 12 months and we recently meet up with Ishbir and Kamaljit Rakhra at the Property Investor Show at London’s Excel exhibition centre.

“Over the two day expo, Ishbir confirmed that they had discussed deals with a value in excess of £25m with experienced and knowledgeable investors and developers, where the details in the conversations and depth of knowledge of the prospective clients were so good that he was certain that several cases could and would be progressed on the back on their exhibiting.

“Putting your self out there at exhibitions and events is not in everyone’s comfort zone – but on the advice of Matchbox Finance I would take footfall over waiting for the phone to ring every time?”

The Fiducia Commercial Network team will be exhibiting at the Finance Professional Show 2023 next month.

Mark Grant and Rachel Kent will lead the Fiducia Commercial Network team to Olympia London in Earls Court on November 10th.

Mark and Rachel lead Fiducia Commercial Network in the UK and abroad in their respective roles as Managing Director (UK) and Manager Director (International)

They will be joined by Fiducia Commercial Network Head of Compliance Erica Meredith and Business Development Manager Neringa Valutkeviciute on Stand H3 for the day.

Anyone interested in joining the Network, working with the Network or simply referring clients to the Network should come and talk to the team – or even better, get in touch to book an appointment using the QR codes (above) ahead of the exhibition or by emailing this link.

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