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Just how Semi is your Commercial?

If you aren’t asking your clients this question, you should be!

Semi-commercial or mixed-use properties aren’t standard sizes and are often not an exact 50-50 split between Commercial and Residential elements.

The majority of our high street landscape consists of semi-commercial properties. These include retail, restaurants, takeaways, or financial services with residential above. And we all know that the roof lines of the majority of high streets don’t run in a straight line!

There are many different client uses of Semi-Commercial properties, including:

  • Trading from the commercial and living in the residential element
  • Trading from the commercial and rent out the residential element/s
  • Lease the commercial unit/s and rent out the residential element/s
Does it matter how the property is divided?

Well, yes, it does to lenders.

Residential property is valued and viewed differently by commercial lenders, and the larger the residential element – in value, income or square footage, commonly, the larger the LTV available to your client – this depends on the lender.

  • Some lenders need 60%+ of the property value or rental income to be in the residential element
  • Some lenders need 51%+ of the square footage to be residential
  • If the residential rental income is enough to cover the required commercial mortgage on its own, then we work with lenders that can apply residential BTL rates

Like our high street landscape, not many properties are the same, and lenders can vary their valuation and assessment methods for Semi-Commercial properties.

However, it can be a diverse investment for landlords and investors, and there is lender appetite to support it.

Fiducia Commercial Network’s lender panel can help you match your client’s unique property to the most suitable lender.


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