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Broker Trends and Opportunities in Commercial Finance April 2024

As we start this new month, economists, market pundits, and members of the Bank of England’s MPC committee commenting in the press all seem to agree on one thing– it’s a racing certainty that the UK base rate will be cut.

The debate still lies in whether that is imminently, soon, or at some stage – and by how much.


Brokers that support clients in making commercial property and business finance decisions, therefore, have this additional variable to cover: Should the client do something now or ‘wait and see’ if and when rates are cut?

Commercial Finance 2024

We can add some other facts about commercial finance in 2024:

  • Lenders’ appetites to lend have improved compared to 2023
  • Products have already become more competitive for clients in terms of lower rates, reduced lender fees and less stringent stress testing / Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)
  • Q1 activity points to an increase in commercial property investment in 2024 after 2 years of decline

Nobody is forecasting steep and fast cuts in interest rates – so benefits over current products could be gradual and/or minimal

‘Wait and See’ or ‘Go for it’?

Brokers will always have clients who adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach for both positive and negative outlooks – but there are many other considerations that brokers should talk through with their clients, including:

  • Nobody is forecasting steep and fast cuts in interest rates – so benefits over current products could be gradual and/or minimal
  • Commercial opportunity cost could far outweigh any benefits from waiting for any rate cuts. If the client has the opportunity to acquire a perfect trading site, purchase at a good price point, or expand their business with the additional space that a property offers, then all of these benefits could outweigh marginal benefits from gradual rate reductions.
Profit & Opportunity

Beyond property, the biggest business finance driver for many businesses is cash flow and managing their working capital. Many great businesses don’t have the cash required to take-up opportunities in the right place, at the right time.

And most of the time, the opportunity cost will far outweigh the marginal rate changes that could result from interest rate reductions.

If there is profit in a deal that the client finances to enable them to do, then the client still makes a profit even if rates change. Importantly, the client fulfils their own customer business, which could lead to further opportunities.

We suggest that there is a lot more to your conversation with clients currently than just when interest rates may be cut. Brokers who understand the commercial finance drivers and opportunities for their clients are far better placed to support them with a suitable solution.


Mark Grant, Managing Director – UK, Fiducia Commercial Network

April 2024.

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