Mark Grant Appointed Managing Director of Fiducia Commercial Network

Mark Grant appointed Sole Managing Director of Fiducia Commercial Network.

Fiducia Commercial Network proudly announces the appointment of Mark Grant as the sole Managing Director, positioning the company for continued growth and success in the upcoming phase of its development.

Mark, a respected professional within the commercial finance sector, returned to Fiducia in 2023 as joint Managing Director to grow the UK side of the network and with his knowledge and expertise, the business grew beyond expectation.

Now, with a new vision of forward growth and a revised network proposition, his appointment as sole MD across the network comes at a crucial stage for Fiducia, as the company seeks to strengthen its position as a leading player in the industry.

Marcus Grimshaw, CEO of Fiducia Group, expressed his confidence in Mark’s ability to drive the business forward, stating, “The next phase of our growth demands the work ethic, attention to detail, passion, and drive to be the best, and Mark embodies these qualities. It was an easy decision to appoint him as our Managing Director.”

Acknowledging the company’s evolution, Grimshaw also announced the departure of Rachel Kent, thanking her for her contributions and wishing her success in her future endeavors as she leaves the business in June.

Marcus Grimshaw, Fiducia Group CEO
Marcus Grimshaw - CEO of Fiducia Group

“It was an easy decision to appoint him as our Managing Director.”

Mark’s impact on the network members and the direction of the business has been significant, and now all members can benefit from his passion for business growth and expertise in the area.


Customer Success

Customer success is a driving factor for Fiducia Commercial Network and something that Mark regularly instils in his team. He understands what the support of a network means to each client, no matter the background.

In response to the news, prominent figures within the network and esteemed customers have expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for Mark’s leadership:

Yogesh Tated, Chief Executive Officer of Kalon Commercial, commented, “His return to Fiducia has made a significant impact on us here at Kalon Commercial.

Kalon Commercial and Fiducia Commercial Network

“Mark’s attention to detail, prompt responses to queries and concerns, efforts in expanding our panel of lenders, active participation in networking events, and digital marketing have all been instrumental in our success. Additionally, I greatly appreciate his openness to hearing our suggestions and his ongoing support throughout our major MBO deal, which amounts to £21 million.”

“It’s clear that Mark’s contributions have been invaluable to our organisation, and I believe there’s never enough praise for his dedication and support.”

Newly joined, Neo Commercial Finance Managing Director Gareth Davis expressed his gratitude to Mark Grant, “Being new to the network, Mark’s support has been invaluable to us here. Mark works incredibly hard to ensure we have the infrastructure and support network we need to succeed. Mark is always on hand to offer support when required, often acting as a sounding board for new ideas (occasionally acting as an agony aunt, too), and we’re extremely grateful to have his backing.”

NEO Logo Business Finance Deal

Fiducia Commercial Network, its appointed representatives, introducers, lender panel, and team recognise the undoubted support that Mark has poured into ensuring this network provides, with many wanting to express their profound gratitude.

Matchbox Finance

“I wanted to take a moment to show our gratitude to Mark Grant. Mark has been an absolute game-changer in helping us grow our commercial finance brokerage, and I want to express my sincere appreciation for his support, said Ishbir Rakhra, Director – Matchbox finance.

Rakhra continued, “From the get-go, Mark has been like our secret weapon. He’s not just here to onboard our company but genuinely invested in our success. Mark’s been there to lend a hand whenever we hit a crossroads. Need advice on which lender to approach? Mark is there to guide us. Struggling with a tough deal? Mark’s brainstorming skills have saved the day.”

“Mark’s support has been invaluable to us. He’s been our guide through the ups and downs of growing our business, and I can’t thank him enough for his expertise and encouragement. Mark, your contributions haven’t gone unnoticed, and we’re incredibly grateful to have you as part of our journey.”

“Mark has been like our secret weapon. He’s not just here to onboard our company but genuinely invested in our success.”

As a Network, Fiducia Commercial Network have a number of AR members with clients overseas and Expats that purchase commercial property in the UK.

Capricorn’s, CCO, Jeremy Law added, “Mark has been a breath of fresh air since taking over the Capricorn relationship. He approaches all challenges with a can-do attitude and a commercial mindset, ensuring he gets the balance right of compliance and oversight aligned to growing the business.”


“He is always open and responsive and recognises the benefit of a strong working relationship.”

“Since he arrived, we have begun to grow and unblock our panel and with his continued efforts pointed at this we will all grow successfully together.”

Team Development

As an individual, Mark’s passion doesn’t stop at ensuring the customers and their clients get the very best service, developing a successful team is high on his agenda too and that is recognised by team members at Fiducia Commercial Network.

Fiducia Commercial Network Logo

Operations Manager, Lisa Pilgrim commented, “He is the fount of knowledge for everything lender/broker; his sense of purpose, structure and dedication ensures that the business grows from strength-to-strength. Mark has a fantastic team behind him who are keen to learn and develop, so we are the number one network!!”

Mike Sharp, Training and Development Manager, expressed his gratitude for the support he’s received: “Mark is a central part of the network, a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the proposition and industry. He’s been a great mentor to me since joining.”

“His vision for the network is admirable and inspiring as we needed someone experienced within the field to set realistic expectations”, added Sarah Huckstep, Business Administrator.

“Mark is working tirelessly to build a team to benefit the AR firms. Mark is very dedicated and regularly points out that as a team we’re all involved in the AR journey, once an AR is formally appointed, each department remains equally as important.”

“Mark has a fantastic team behind him who are keen to learn and develop, so we are the number one network!!”

Newly joined Marketing Manager, Michelle Bateman said “Mark’s passion for what he does was clear from the very first conversation. His unwavering commitment to ensuring every team member is as knowledgeable as possible and does their absolute best to support the network members’ business is impressive. He works tirelessly to ensure that every AR, Introducer, and lender gets the most value possible from him and the network.

Erica Meredith, Head of Compliance added, “Mark’s dedication to the AR firms and the brokers within is second to none. He is always makes himself available to them, whether it be lender sourcing, training needs, sounding out a case the broker has on their desk. This evidences his ambition to make Fiducia Commercial Network the network of choice, further enhancing the company’s reach and professionalism.”

“A great MD who has taken the vision the directors have into a professional, compliant network with sustainable growth.”


It’s rare to find someone who cares as deeply about their role, customers, and team as Mark does. The company has a very ambitious year ahead of it. From the incredible growth and management that has been witnessed since his return to Fiducia, it’s clear that the Future of Fiducia Commercial Network is in safe hands


About Fiducia Commercial Network

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